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So this is what our eyes cannot see what liquid can do. It’s hard to believe that these flowers are made from paint splashed and photographed at just the right moment to capture that flower figure before it then disappears into colourful liquidy blob. There’s something so fleeting about it too that makes it beautiful and reminds us as humans that all things are ephemeral in this world.

Perusing on the photos didn’t help me figure out how he did it, staring at the splatter pattern and the shape of the “flowers” didn’t help me either. I still couldn’t figure out how he did it. Perhaps I should do my own experiment involving colourful liquid and a perfect combination of an impressively fast shutter speed and excellent lighting.

Jack Long’s “flowers” remind me of the morbid flower Rafflesia Arnoldii I saw in Indonesia once, aptly nicknamed “The Corpse Flower” for it’s strong odour of rotting flesh (ew.. I know). Long’s “flowers” curiously consist of recognizable shapes (considering that they are liquid). If pursued further, there’s a strong element of art/science working well together here. Ah.. another idea for a great interdisciplinary curriculum for the curious minds. So many ideas, so little time.

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