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I (heart heart heart) gadgets. I really do. This might be one I’d like to buy depending on the price (which means for me it’s really interesting but not necessary). Maybe because I am a newbie Instagram user (*gasp* yes I know. I am always a little paranoid about privacy. I was last to join Facebook, and deleted my personal account soon after before reactivating it again, now I’m thinking about deleting it again. To me there’s just something so creepy about spreading your whole life (especially in visuals) for the world to see. Not from the spreader’s POV but from the peepers, strangers who “follow” these visual diary knowing exactly what I and my friends’ look like and where we go to. Even today, my Instagram photos are still set to private). But this whole Instagram phenomenon actually fascinates me the more I look into it. I think there’s a whole anthropological explanation for us as humans to want to preserve memories and share them. But maybe that’s for another post.

The video below is pretty self-explanatory. But to sum it up- here’s a digital photo frame, especially for Instagram users. It has a (physically) pushable like button (shaped like a ❤). It can push photos directly from your (and people you’re following) Instagram app. Pretty cool. For me, living faraway from my parents, this gadget could save so much time by automatically pushing photos of my son right to my parents’ insta cube (if they own one later) moments after I took the photos. Right now I usually send them photos of my son through email or MMS (which costs extra).

It’s wireless too so you can take it places. It’ll launch sometime in late 2013.

Technical Specifications
• ARM Processor
• 4GB Internal Flash Memory
• 256MB RAM
• 7.5″ Square Frame
• 6.5″ Square LCD Active Viewing & Touch Area
• 600×600 Screen Resolution
• Built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi
• Capacitive Touch Screen Display
• Android OS