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We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the long weekend, and I expected to see some amazing sea creatures. I scuba dive, and sea creatures never cease to amaze me, in their shapes, textures, colours and whatnot. But of all the sea creatures I saw, slugs and all, I was still most impressed with the jellyfish.

Not at all resembling any fish in their appearance, jellyfish look more like alien creatures from outer-space (as I have come to recognize them from Hollywood movies of course) than an animal. But there’s a strange elegance in the way they move, like a ballroom dance performed in an anti-gravity dance floor. Fascinating is the word that would best described them as I watch them dance in the striking blue water, their transparent bodies glowing.

They are so sublimely beautiful: these brainless, boneless and heartless giant planktons (yes they are actually planktons, not fish). I asked my husband after wondering to myself, “what purpose do they serve in this world you think? They and all the other planktons?” to which my husband responded, “Just so the world can keep doing what it is doing. They are there to sustain the ecosystem in which we are a part of”.

I guess they exist so we can go on living.

I stared at these creatures, mesmerized by their alien bodies and bioluminescence. They are so foreign to me, and so different from me, but in some complex chain of ecosystem, we are connected. I felt foolishly sentimental.

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